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Who are we?

Nexus is about building links, connections and providing a gateway and building bridges. That's what we do between consumers and brands in the ever-evolving world of advertising. Using a healthy mix of traditional and innovative media platforms, we are providing a gateway to our clients and brands to understand and market their brands to the right set of consumers in the most effective way. It is not just the external nexus but also the internal bonds, which we forge with our stakeholders and internal staff that gives us the creative energies and vibes.

When it comes to media and advertising we have a refreshing approach and execution towards solving brand solutions. Our cutting-edge and innovative ideation, innovation and execution leads to newer ideas and more importantly newer Medias and platforms.

When Nexus meets Novel
When the two philosophies meet, we have the foremost creative agency in Oman.
- Nexus Novel Advertising. We are Oman's premier integrated creative and advertising agencies. We break the barriers and shatter the traditional way of advertising with our avant-garde outlook. We believe Unity Creates Creative Diversity. By this we mean having systems and people from various realms and backgrounds to work under one inventive environment. Therefore, we have the following functions performing together:
•    Strategic and Media Planning
•    Advertising
•    Digital Advertising
•    Design Team
We have the finest pool of talent who have garnered years of experience and have excelled in their respective fields. Visit Nexus Novel and you will experience the creative difference.

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