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    The world of advertising is constantly evolving. In this competitive environment, how do you ensure that you are using the most effective strategy to market your brand?
    At Nexus Novel Advertising (NNA), it is our goal to help you carry on meaningful brand conversations with your consumers.
    It is all about building bridges.

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About Nexus

Nexus Novel Advertising (NNA) is Oman premier integrated creative and advertising agency. Breaking the barriers of traditional advertising, we at NNA provide the vital link to the world through innovative and unusual communication strategies.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is fully trained to tackle a wide range of clients as well as grasp the needs of modern Oman. Our flexible service model is designed to cater to a booming market where speed and quality are buzzwords and where success is a guaranteed result.
Nexus + Novel = Creative and effective advertising. Nexus is all about building connections, while Novel means fresh, original, and innovative. NNA serves as the gateway between brands and consumers, using fresh ideas and innovative methods to help clients market their brands to the right set of consumers in the most effective way.

This avant-garde outlook, enhanced by connections forged with our stakeholders and internal staff, fuels our creative energies to provide a refreshing approach towards media and advertising solutions. When the two philosophies of Nexus and Novel meet, you get the foremost creative agency in Oman.

Open up new vistas in your business through our innovative and cutting-edge advertising solutions!

Our Services

We offer an array of advertising solutions all in one place, tailored into attractive packages that suit each client unique media and publication needs.

Our services include:

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Media Buying and Planning

With the ever-evolving market and technology today, Media Planning and Media Buying has moved beyond the traditional media and has become this whirlwind of intricate experiments and challenges.

But we at Nexus Plan � a specialised division of our team that focuses solely on Media Planning and Media Buying, have got this down pat. It is really all about reaching the right people at the right time and place with the right communication and the right price.

We have tried and perfected different strategies over the years that allowed us to acquire in-depth knowledge of what clicks and what does not. With that, we can custom plan for your media communications requirements and provide expertise in media spending and engagement.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

The great shift to the digital age had ushered in countless new opportunities for advertising and marketing. Digital marketing solutions have become far more engaging and have broader range than your conventional marketing channels. Audiences from all over the world can now be instantly reached through their various devices from computers to mobiles and from tablets to smart watches at any given time. Customer interaction can also be easily measured these days by just a click of a button. The World Wide Web is such an influential medium in our world today and this should be taken advantage of for maximum brand visibility.

Whatever digital space you would like to capture, our Digi Nexus team of talented web designers, software engineers, content developers, marketing gurus, account managers, and SEO analysers are ready to assist you in creating advanced online marketing solutions to boost your online business.

Our services include:
- Social Media Marketing
- Programmatic media buying
- Website Design and Development
- Mobile Application development
- Content Development
- Search & Display Advertising
- Search Engine Optimization
- Email Marketing
- Analytics

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Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is the primary ingredient of making or breaking a media strategy and is one of the most important sphere for any media group. It is a versatile and effective way to spread brand communication or facilitate the success of an on going campaign. We at Nexus Novel Advertising are fervent believers and practitioners of this as we have had numerous experiences wherein good and continuous positive PR strategies have levelled up our partners� brand names and loyalty of their products.

Our specialised PR professionals will take care of building public relations strategies for your brand while our event experts handle your brand or company events from conceptualization to execution. This includes internal and brand communications events, product launches and press events, parties and private celebrations, and live events and festivals.

We will do all the legwork for you in making your brand a force in the market for years to come.

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Digital Innovation

With the rapidly growing digital world, a product and customer relationship has evolved to a more interactive one. Companies can now reach out to specific audiences through apps, games, interactive videos and virtual realities.

Digital innovative projects are usually used to enhance your advertising and marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a technological solution to encourage a higher level of interaction between you and your audience, we at Nexus Novel Advertising can develop digital innovative projects for your brand, such as: Live Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Apps, iPhone & Android Apps and Games, Projection Mapping, Holographic Projection, Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation and Leap Motion Technology.

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Nexus Sign

It is crucial to create a good impression for your company. This will yield a robust presence for your brand to your customers. Creating a good impression actually starts with the physical representation of your brand. And the first things that your customers will notice are your signage.

Our professional team at Nexus Sign are ready to assist you in making that good impression. We offer a complete list of solutions when it comes to architectural and directional signage for the interiors and exteriors of your commercial structures and sites. These include setting up all your outdoor, indoor and electronic signage in the most minimal time with maximum quality.

Outdoor Signage
-Neon (Open, Closed, Backlit, Flashing Display, etc.)
-LED Signage
-Flex Face (Vinyl/Digitally Printed Fascia Signs)
-Roof Structural Signs (Flex face, Neon, etc.)
-Stainless Steel/Brass Signs & Gold Plated Signs
-Engraving/Etching/Screen Printed Signs
-Metal Signs (Aluminium, G I, etc.)
-Acrylic Signs
-Vehicle/Fleet Graphics (Graphics wrapping on vehicles)
-Window graphics
-Pylon Signs
-Uni-pole Signs
-Bank Signboards, ATM Surrounds, Free Standing Enclosures, Drive-Thru Kiosks etc.
-Traffic/Road Signs/ Direction Signs
- Safety Signs, PDO Safety Signs
-Pipe Line Markers

Indoor Signage
-Digital Printing on Quality Machines
-Information Signs
-Hanging Signs
-S S / Brass Signs
-Slim display boards
-Pop Up/Roll Up Stands
-Digital Printed Banners
-Building Directories

Electronic Signage
-Moving Message
-Digital Inking
-Indoor/Out Door, Static & Rotating Displays
-LED Signs

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